Good dog!

There are few things as fun and rewarding as having a dog in your life. Our goal is to ensure you have a healthy, lifelong bond with yours by providing you the knowledge, skills and ongoing support to create a happy, confident and well-mannered member of your family.


We are currently reorganizing to safely resume our in-home programs, dog walking, classes and Socializing Groups. THANK YOU for your continued support!

6-week Classes & Puppy Socials

ROUND 2 & 3 CLASS CLIENTS: Please contact us about scheduling your make-up class outdoors in Livonia starting the week of June 15!

For Puppy Socials, Puppy Pre K-9 & Basic Obedience classes, we hope to return to our regular schedule with Round 5 beginning July 25, and are now registering for these classes in Livonia, Canton & Westland. While we continue to monitor Michigan's phasing plan, we will notify you of our ability to hold classes as we get closer to the start date. We may also have to suspend some other portions of class such as our Behavior Seminar and Puppy Socials, or continue with outdoor classes in Livonia, depending on what state restrictions are in place, and what each of our class locations will be allowing.

In-Home Programs

Current clients: Please contact your Behavior Consultant about rescheduling your remaining in-homes sessions. Socializing Groups are returning temporarily Tuesdays at 7:30, outdoors at Premier Pet Supply in Livonia.

New clients: If preferred, we can start you with a video-chat evaluation for $60, which is applied towards your in-home program tuition when you signup for a program. We are scheduling in-home clients as soon as possible, giving priority to client's who's programs were interrupted through the Stay At Home order. Our Train While You're Away dog walking service is currently not accepting new clients.

Video-Chat Training Sessions

We can help new clients through the COVID-19 crisis via video-chat sessions. All sessions include emailed homework and ongoing phone, text or email support. We will first discuss your needs briefly by phone or email to plan for and schedule your session. Sessions can be held via Zoom, Skype, Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts, and payments can accepted with PayPal or Square prior to your session. Contact us for scheduling one of the sessions below.

Puppy Jumpstart: 2-hour in-home session now available as a video-chat session. For puppies 2-5 months old to go over the basics of puppy raising and introduce early training techniques. The tuition for this session is then applied towards the continuation of an in-home program when your puppy is at least 6 months old.

Evaluation for in-home program: 1-hour video-chat to get a better assessment of your dog in their environment, training and behavior issues, go over our program in detail and answer questions. The evaluation fee is waived if you sign up for an in-home training program to begin at a later date, and either pay in full, or maintain minimum weekly payments. We will continue to coach you with weekly video-chat check-ins until we are able to schedule your in-home sessions.

A la carte sessions: For new or past clients to get coaching and advice on common training and behavior issues.


In-home training for a dog like yours.

Every dog has a different personality and temperament—our programs are specialized to fit you and your dog's individual needs with private one-on-one training sessions in your home. This highly effective approach allows us to address problems directly in your dog's own environment where behavior problems often occur or begin, catching inconsistencies early in the training process. You will not only learn how to train your dog, but also how your dog learns and thinks.

The whole picture

We begin with an in-home evaluation to assess your dog and their unique situation. This allows our Behavior Consultants to pinpoint the source of behavior problems and work accordingly. Our training philosophy demands that owners gain the knowledge to strengthen the bond with their dog through leadership and training, as well as the theories and methods to understand, solve and prevent behavior problems.
Communication is key.

Obedience training

Obedience training helps to create happy, confident and well-mannered dogs, who in turn are trusted with more freedom and interaction. We use positive reinforcement training methods tapping into your dog's natural desire for your love and affection, working with you without using shock collars or clickers. This allows you to use the obedience in everyday situations, teaching your dog desired alternatives. We teach you how to train your dog to COME, SIT, HEEL, DOWN, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY and more on-leash. We also offer advanced off-leash training for clients wanting to train to the next level.

Solve & prevent.

Behavior Modification

There are many reasons why dogs display inappropriate behaviors. Understanding the source of the problems and making the appropriate changes is the key to turning them around. We address all contributing factors, showing you how to avoid and redirect unwanted behaviors such as:

  • Jumping
  • Mouthing
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Escaping
  • Barking
  • Stealing food
  • Housebreaking
  • Excitability
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • and more
Building confidence.


Socializing your dog is a very important part of any training. This helps to increase your dog's confidence and desensitize them to everyday distractions, teaching them how to behave in public. Once you've mastered obedience commands at home, the next step is to apply your training in a social setting, teaching your dog how to behave around many "real life" distractions. A Behavior Consultant is present to help you every step of the way at our ongoing Socializing Groups. Group obedience is an integral part of the training process—we strongly urge our clients to participate in as many sessions as possible.

programs to get you there

Dog Training for Life

A client favorite, our comprehensive program first provides a solid foundation at home, followed by ongoing support at our weekly Socializing Groups.

Puppy Training

For early learning, socialization & preventing behavior issues, start your puppy as young as 8 weeks old in-home with Puppy Jumpstart, or 3 months old at class with Puppy Pre K-9 & Puppy Socials.

Group Classes
& Socializing Groups

Our classes in Livonia, Canton, Westland & Ann Arbor can help you get the basics down, or advance your dog's training in a social setting.

Train While
You're Away

Our training-focused dog walking program can help your dog through daily long work hours, or just some weekly brush-ups on obedience.

From our clients

Client Testimonails

Jen and the staff at PRO K-9 have had such a positive impact on my family and my dog. Homer was a high strung, anxiety filled basket case, highly protective of us and our home. Homer and I now love going for walks and to socialization class to be around other dogs and strangers—something that would have NEVER happened without PRO K-9!

Homer & Sara Livonia, MI
Client Testimonails

You haven't just taught Gulliver, you have taught us as well. Thanks to Mat and the PRO K-9 team, we've learned the right and wrong way to handle different situations that have really made a difference. We are eager to continue his service dog training. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you've devoted to us!

Gulliver & Cathy Monroe, MI
Client Testimonails

We would like to thank Morgan for the fun walks and great training she's had with Archer. Her hard work has helped us raise a more obedient and sociable dog. We especially appreciate her notes. We look forward to those updates—they helps us keep track of progress in his training and know what we should work on at home.

Archer, Dave & Erin Plymouth, MI
Client Testimonails

I noticed changes almost immediately in my young French bulldog and deaf English bulldog. Pierre and Mack both responded very well to the praise-based training (forget about treats, shocks, etc). It was clear that both Pierre and Mack loved to practice, and I have no doubt that we have a much stronger bond thanks to Jen and PRO K-9.

Pierre, Mack & Mauricio Royal Oak, MI
Client Testimonails

This training made the world of difference with our skittish rescue dog, Gemma. She's gained great confidence and even a year later, her training is still on point. Our friends are always impressed with how well behaved our dog is, and it's made her agility training progress faster. Our lives with our canine companion is much more enriching.

Gemma, Kevin & Tiffany Ann Arbor, MI