We hope to have all clients from Round 2 & 3 classes resume with Round 4 beginning 6/9 (off 6/30-4/4 for Independence Day). We will continue to monitor the situation and plan for safe social-distancing practices. Due to the age of our Puppy Pre K-9 clients, classes will remain as scheduled, but puppies will learn Basic Obedience curriculum. We are also assisting clients who's classes were interrupted with a FREE 1-hour video chat session—please contact your Behavior Consultant to schedule. Stay tuned for updates at the end of May!
NEW CLIENTS: We are taking class registrations for Round 5. Through the duration of Michigan's Stay At Home order, we are offering $50 OFF 6-week classes when you pay in full at the time of registration. If we are unable to resume classes as planned, we will place you in the next available round.
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Classes in Livonia, Canton, Ann Arbor & Westland

  • NEW! Advanced classes for existing clients. See details below.
  • Each round of Puppy Pre K-9 & Basic Obedience 6-week classes begins with a free Behavior Seminar for new students to cover everything you should be addressing at home to strengthen the bond with your dog, as well as the theories and methods to understand, solve and prevent behavior problems.
  • Basic/early obedience: COME, SIT, SIT-STAY, DOWN, DOWN-STAY, HEEL & more
  • Behavior modification, socialization & manners
  • Weekly homework & questions, graduation night
  • $50 non-refundable registration deposit & health records required: Distemper/Parvo (2nd round for puppies), Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies (over 4 months old), and negative fecal (for puppies 3-6 months old). Canine Influenza also recommended.

2020 Schedule

Round 1:
  • 1/11 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 1/14-2/22 Classes Tue-Sat
*CANCELLED* Round 2:
  • 2/22 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 2/25-4/4 Classes Tue-Sat
*CANCELLED* Round 3:
  • 4/4 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 4/14-5/21 Classes Tue-Sat
*FULL* Round 4:
  • 6/6 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 6/9-7/25 Classes Tue-Sat
  • Holidays: Classes off 6/30-7/4 for Independence Day
*Accepting New Registrations* Round 5:
  • 7/25 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 7/28-9/3 Classes Tue-Sat
  • Holidays: Westland classes off 9/5 for Labor Day, graduating 9/12
Round 6:
  • 9/12 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 9/15-10/24 Classes Tue-Sat
Round 7:
  • 10/24 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 10/27-12/12 Classes Tue-Sat
  • Holidays: Classes off 11/24-11/28 for Thanksgiving

Puppy Pre K-9

  • Puppies 3-6 months old
  • Early learning: obedience, manners, handling & socialization exercises
  • 1-hour/6-week class, $195/dog
  • Held:
    - Tuesdays 7pm Livonia
    - Wednesdays 7pm Ann Arbor
    - Thursdays 7pm Canton
    - Saturdays 11am Westland

Puppy Socials

  • Puppies 3-6 months old
  • 1-hour supervised confidence-boosting interactions and play time with other puppies. Learn what's appropriate play, and how to work on better interactions.
  • Free with Puppy Pre K-9 registration, or drop-in anytime for $5/session. Attend any session until your puppy ages out. Bring proof of age-appropriate vaccinations and a collar with a buckle.
  • Held the hour before class at each location:
    - Tuesdays 6pm Livonia
    - Wednesdays 6pm Ann Arbor
    - Thursdays 6pm Canton
    - Saturdays 10am Westland

Basic Obedience

  • Dogs 6 months & older who can enjoy learning in a social setting*
  • Begin or continue your training: basic obedience commands, manners & 'real life' application
  • 1-hour/6-week class, $195/dog
    $175 for Puppy Pre K-9 grads
  • Held:
    - Wednesdays 6pm Canton
    - Wednesdays 7:30 Livonia
    - Thursdays 6pm Ann Arbor
    - Saturdays 12:30 Westland

Socializing Groups

  • Continued practice of obedience commands in a social setting
  • Available to our Basic Obedience class grads & Dog Training for Life in-home clients (Contact your Behavior Consultant to register)
  • Drop-in $10/session
  • Held:
    - Wednesdays 6pm Livonia
    - Wednesdays 7:30 Canton
    - Thursdays 7:30 Ann Arbor
    - Saturdays 2pm Westland

New Student Orientation & Behavior Seminar

  • Included free for new 6-week class students
  • Held the Saturday before your class begins, 3:30-5:30 in Westland
  • Owners only (no dogs)
  • Understanding how your dog communicates, thinks & learns
  • Establishing leadership with your dog
  • Crate training & environment management
  • Behavior advice: jumping, mouthing, destructive chewing, digging, escaping, excessive barking, stealing food/trash, housebreaking, excitability & more.
  • Class homework
  • Q&A at end

Advanced Classes

NEW--limited availability! 6-week, 6-dog classes for existing clients to advance their dog's training. Held Tuesdays at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, Round 3 only (4/14-5/19). Pre-approval for these classes will be required: 1) Send your registration form; 2) We will review your dog's eligibility and send a confirmation email; 3) Upon approval, a $50 deposit will be required to secure your place in class. (Ask us about continued training options if your dog isn't quite ready!)

Enrichment Tricks (6pm)
  • A fun way to mentally challenge your dog and strengthen your bond with tricks you can easily replicate at home: Touch, Spin, Shake, Rollover, Jump, Crawl and more.
  • Open to Puppy Pre K-9 or Basic Obedience 6-week class graduates, or clients completing an in-home program. Dogs must demonstrate an understanding of basic commands, and general good behavior in a social setting on a 6 ft leash.
Intermediate Obedience (7:30)
  • Review and advancing of commands: Sit, Come, Wait, Heel, Down and Stay. New commands: Return to Heel, Stand and Place. Plus long-line recall, non-verbal commands, advanced distractions and application.
  • Open to Basic Obedience 6-week class graduates or clients completing Dog Training for Life in-home program. Dogs must demonstrate confidence and reliability of basic commands in a social setting on a loose 6 ft leash.