Until further notice, we are unable to return indoor classes at our locations, and our 6-week classes will be held outdoors in Livonia and Westland through October. We will continue to update this page as things progress.
We will be practicing social distancing at a minimum of 6 ft apart for anyone not from the same household. Everyone must bring a mask for when your trainers are in close proximity to assist you. You do not need to wear your mask otherwise. Trainers will hand sanitize in between interactions. Please bring your own supplies. We ask that you do not bring anyone one else to class (friends, extended family, children under 16), with a max of 2 household handlers per dog. If you are ill, have any symptoms, think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, or are high risk: DO NOT attend class and notify us immediately so we can take the necessary measures.
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Classes in Livonia & Westland

  • Each round of Puppy Pre K-9 & Basic Obedience 6-week classes begins with a free video Behavior Seminar for new students to cover everything you should be addressing at home to strengthen the bond with your dog, as well as the theories and methods to understand, solve and prevent behavior problems.
  • Basic/early obedience: COME, SIT, SIT-STAY, DOWN, DOWN-STAY, HEEL & more
  • Behavior modification, socialization & manners
  • Weekly homework & questions, graduation night
  • $50 non-refundable registration deposit & health records required: Distemper/Parvo (2nd round for puppies), Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies (over 4 months old), and negative fecal (for puppies 3-6 months old). Canine Influenza also recommended.

2020 Schedule

Round 1:
  • 1/11 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 1/14-2/22 Classes Tue-Sat
Round 2 (cancelled):
  • 2/22 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 2/25-4/4 Classes Tue-Sat
Round 3 (cancelled):
  • 4/4 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 4/14-5/21 Classes Tue-Sat
Round 4 (make-ups):
  • 6/15-7/25 Classes Wed & Thu, 6pm & 7:30 for Round 2 & 3 clients, outdoors in Livonia
Round 5 (outdoors):
  • 7/25 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 7/28-9/5 Outdoor classes Tue, Wed & Sat, possible makeup date 9/12
Round 6 (outdoors):
  • 9/12 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 9/15-10/24 Outdoor classes Tue, Wed & Sat
Round 7
(if we are able to return indoors):
  • 10/24 Orientation/Behavior Seminar
  • 10/27-12/12 Classes Tue, Wed & Sat
  • Holidays: Classes off 11/24-11/28 for Thanksgiving

Puppy Pre K-9

  • Puppies 3-6 months old
  • Early learning: obedience, manners, handling & socialization exercises
  • 1-hour/6-week class, $195/dog
  • Held:
    - Tuesday evenings Livonia
    - Saturday mornings in Westland

Puppy Socials

We are currently working on plans to resume these sessions for clients.
  • Puppies 3-6 months old
  • Supervised confidence-boosting interactions and play time with other puppies. Learn what's appropriate play, and how to work on better interactions.
  • Free with Puppy Pre K-9 registration. Attend any session until your puppy ages out. Bring proof of age-appropriate vaccinations and a collar with a buckle.

Basic Obedience

  • Dogs 6 months & older who can enjoy learning in a social setting*
  • Begin or continue your training: basic obedience commands, manners & 'real life' application
  • 1-hour/6-week class, $195/dog
    $175 for Puppy Pre K-9 grads
  • Held:
    - Wednesday evenings in Livonia
    - Saturday mornings in Westland

Socializing Groups

  • Continued practice of obedience commands in a social setting
  • Available to our Basic Obedience class grads & Dog Training for Life in-home clients (Contact your Behavior Consultant to register)
  • Drop-in $10/session
  • Contact us for schedule

New Student Orientation & Behavior Seminar

  • Included free for new 6-week class students
  • Owners only (no dogs)
  • Understanding how your dog communicates, thinks & learns
  • Establishing leadership with your dog
  • Crate training & environment management
  • Behavior advice: jumping, mouthing, destructive chewing, digging, escaping, excessive barking, stealing food/trash, housebreaking, excitability & more.
  • Class homework
  • Q&A at end