Upcoming Schedule Changes
All groups will be held on Saturdays, indoors at Healthy Paws in Westland (off holiday weeks) through the winter. There will also be a maximum of THREE "new" dogs per session (noted by the ** in their name), due to space limitation. Masks are required inside the building, and restrooms are unavailable at this time. Please sign up for 10am or 11:30 sessions first. Only sign up for the 1pm session if the first two are full, and the 2:30 if 1pm is full. Please be in touch with your Behavior Consultant with questions.
Off weeks & schedule changes:
  • 12/20/20-4/4/21 Winter/Covid break
  • 5/29 Memorial Day
  • 7/3 Independence Day
  • 7/12-7/24 Summer break
  • 9/4 Labor Day
  • 9/8 & 9/15 Livonia group begins at 7pm (daylight)
  • 9/22-11/3 Livonia group begins at 6pm (daylight)
  • 11/6 Off
  • 11/13 All sessions on Saturdays, indoors in Westland
  • 11/27 Thanksgiving
  • 12/20/21-1/1/22 Holiday break
  • Reserve your spot each week—credits will automatically be deducted from your account. Remember to remove your participation if you are unable to attend.
  • New dogs: remember to wait in your car until your Behavior Consultant comes to help you get started.
  • We will post any cancellations or changes due to weather on the schedule no later than one hour prior to the session time.
  • Dog Training for Life clients will be credited with one year's worth of participation credits from the date of their last in-home session. After your participation credits expire, you can purchase more ($10/credit) using PayPal through your account.
COVID-19 Guidelines:
Trainers are fully vaccinated. We will be practicing social distancing at a minimum of 6 ft apart for anyone not from the same household. Please bring your own supplies. We ask that you do not bring anyone one else to class (friends, extended family, children under 16), with a max of 2 household handlers per dog. If you are ill, have any symptoms, think you may have been exposed or have tested positive COVID-19, DO NOT attend class and notify us immediately so we can take the necessary measures.
Our weekly Socializing Groups are available to Dog Training for Life clients for one year after their in-home training. Sessions are available after that for $10/session. Please contact your Behavior Consultant with any questions prior to attending.

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